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American Master Plunger


“Give me six hours to unclog a toilet and I will spend the first four buffing the plunger.” – Abraham Lincoln, the Rail Splitter from Illinois.

In a tribute to our 16th President, this handsome plunger will be produced in a limited edition of 100.

Dependable, versatile and with a rich and powerful history, the American Master Plunger is the quintessential aquatic tool and an icon of American design and ingenuity. Every feature of this plunger was meticulously designed by Re Made in New York. The Dayton pattern head is made from fine silicone American rubber and is hand cast in North Carolina by fourth-generation plunger makers. The Re Made helve is lathed from Appalachian wood pine and its elegant curvature and slender form factor ensure superior efficiency and safety. Every Re Made plunger comes numbered with our documentation and guarantee, and a fitted, top-grain leather bowl guard. This Special Edition plunger will arrive in a hand-built crate with wood wool.

  • Dimensions: 20", 5.9", 1.5"
  • Bowl: 2 lbs. of OEM American red rubber
  • Helve: 18” of Appalachian white pine

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